About Property

Easipoint was approached by the body Corporate to repair 4 Manion Ave Rose Bay.

The building Problem

Very common problem with this building the build was constructed in Cavity brick in the 1930s with all mortar through out breaking down to a powder form.

Windows have been completely damaged by the weather most window sills have wood root through out.

Cavity walls ties have all failed and Steel lintels are rusted out lifting and cracking walls.

The building Solution

Entire building was grinned out to a depth of 20mm using duct extraction systems,reponting back to the original colour with a rolled joint to finish off.

Helifix system applied to to replace Cavity brick ties.

Most window sill replaced and painted with three coats.

Lintels replace with hot dip galvanised steel.

  • Property Type: Remedial
  • Property Area (in Sqft.): 300